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What is the most surprising approach you are missing?

What are the key areas health practitioners often miss with their clients?

How is the medical model failing clients and what is the solution you can offer?

What are the 3 most important hormone groups to investigate?

Hormone Expertise

Are you a health enthusiast looking for a better understanding of how the body works, how the systems interplay and how you can deepen the work you offer in your business?

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Digestion and Immune Expertise

Discover the hormones that are often overlooked, how digestion and the immune system are victims of a bigger health picture and how the bodies posture can reveal much more about what is going on with clients.

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Who is this talk for?

Personal Trainers

Do you have a personal training business and want to support clients further with nutritional support or structural alignment? Have you noticed with some clients they struggle to engage a muscle - want to know why?

Health Professionals

Are you trained in acupuncture, physiotherapy, nutrition, reiki or coaching and are looking to get a deeper understanding of hormones, functional medicine or emotional coaching? 

Health Enthusiasts

Are you interested in health, studying health or considering retraining or developing a new career? This talk will give you a solid overview of the important areas to focus on.

We explore the common mistakes made 

We explore the common mistakes health professionals make with regard to hormone, digestive and immune health and bust the misconceptions held in the wellness industry. 

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Health coaches are needed.

Our unique and original material accommodates all learning styles to ensure learning is fun, inclusive, inspiring and incredibly accessible.

Coaches with this training are desperately needed to give people hope and support with a clear and trustworthy path back to wellness.

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We share the important concepts in health to get clients better.

Developed after a decade in clinical practice and from the research in the College of Functional Wellness.

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