Want to Become a Wellness or Menopause Coach?

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Internationally Accredited Online Courses in Health, Hormones and Coaching

Professional qualifications, specialising in women's health, nutrition and coaching including hormones, menopause, digestion and the immune system. All available online, taught via zoom and ready to start immediately.

Discover our Menopause Diploma

Wellness Diploma

This is an internationally accredited wellness practitioner diploma focusing on hormones, nutrition and coaching. Brings together the latest functional nutrition and health research focusing on women's hormones.

Discover Our Wellness Diploma

Menopause Diploma

This is an internationally accredited diploma in menopause coaching covering everything from HRT options to food strategies to manage perimenopause weight gain. The demand for menopause coaches is increasing and this course will give you a Nutritional Therapist Diploma in Menopause.

Discover Our Menopause Diploma

Foundation Certificates

We offer accredited certificates in nutrition or coaching skills with a focus on practical application with clients. These courses focus on the most up to date nutritional science and coaching techniques. Ideal as an add on to an existing therapy or for studying out of interest. 

Discover Our Foundation Nutrition Certificate

Free Health Talk

Discover the mistakes health professionals often make and the hormone pathways often overlooked.

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What is a Wellness or Menopause Coach?

Are you thinking about becoming a wellness or menopause coach. Discover what a coach is and how it differs from other professions.

Excellence in Hormone Education

At the core of our wellness diplomas is the Triangle of Hormonal Health - a system of analysing the body to explain the hormonal interplays contributing to issues.

This system is unique to the College of Functional Wellness and will teach you how to guide your clients to a place of good health and wellbeing.

Learn About The Triangle of Hormonal Health

Discover our Specialisms

Improving Menopause

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'Improving Menopause Through Nutrition Lifestyle.

The Triangle of Hormonal Health'


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Want to Become a Wellness or Menopause Coach?

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I am really happy with the course!

I really recommend Functional Wellness. I can honestly say deciding to study the Wellness Diploma has changed my life in so many positive ways. I finally feel after years of misinformation and incorrect advice regarding health and wellness the information provided makes perfect sense. The course is structured well, providing clear, concise information in an easy to understand format. I believe it is really good value for money. The support network is a great community where you can share information and ask any relevant questions. The admin team and tutors are always quick to respond and answer emails promptly. Sarah Carmichael


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"The College of Functional Wellness staff are highly experienced in their field. They were very supportive to all students and their course offerings are extremely thorough."

Helen McHugh
Health Practitioner

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