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Nutrition for Health

This is an accredited foundation certificate in nutrition with all the essential information for those working in health or interested in nutrition. It busts the myths in the health industry and covers everything from food groups, allergies, vitamins, minerals, diets and the modern food practices that are contributing to ill health. 

Delivered online and available to start immediately. 

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Functional Wellness Coach

This is an accredited practitioner coaching qualification specialising in nutrition and wellness. It is a brand new approach to health coaching bringing together the latest functional nutrition and health research into an interesting, easy to learn and practical coaching qualification.

This course includes Nutrition for Health foundation training as part of it's 350 hours. Delivered online and available to start immediately.

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Kinesiology Training

We offer accredited foundation and practitioner qualifications combining traditional Kinesiology techniques such as muscle testing and Traditional Chinese Medicine with up-to-date Functional Nutrition expertise.

Delivered online and requires attendance in Hampshire UK, once a month.

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What is a Functional Wellness Coach?

Wellness coaching changes lives, and it's at the forefront of the fight against chronic disease. Coaches are experts in nutrition, hormone imbalances and general health. They support people who are experiencing health problems.

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Post Graduate Year

We understand that starting a new career in health can be daunting, especially if you are going out on your own. This is why we have developed post graduate opportunities to continue supporting you as you start your business. 

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