Discover Health Courses

A collection of online lectures in our topics.

Here you will find online lectures in our '6 pillars of health' which include

  1. blood sugars
  2. adrenal stress
  3. hormones
  4. digestion
  5. immune
  6. emotional transformation

They are the great way to see if you like our style if you are considering a longer course or to gather more information about a topic you are interested in. If you are an existing practitioner, these are perfect for topping up CPD hours.

Available immediately. On receipt of your payment, an email will be sent with log in details.

Online Hormone Masterclass

This is a 3 hour pre-recorded lecture on our specialist subjects - blood sugars, adrenals and female hormones - and shares our top tips on how to keep them balanced.

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Self Love Series

This 3 hour series of talks focuses on the importance of clients embracing radical self love and how it can affect every area of their life. Understand how this can transform relationships, accept body image and make better life choices.

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Menopause Talk

This is a 60 minute talk on what happens to women during menopause, why we are seeing an increase in symptoms and what to do about it. 

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Anxiety Talk

Are you suffering with anxiety and want to learn some effective tools and techniques to deal with feelings of fear, dread and overwhelm? Check out this 60 minute talk by Claire Snowdon-Darling on coping with anxiety.

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6 Foundations Talk

In this 60 minute recorded lecture, Claire Snowdon-Darling shares the 6 fundamental principles to health we must have in place if we wish to be well. This information is vital for practitioners who want to add new approaches to supporting clients in their practice.

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